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twilight market~

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Moving on-

P.S. it's not the stephenie meyer version of twilight so those that wants to use it against me can shut up.

I just realised that the New Zealand version of pasar malam is apparently called a Twilight market.
I know, it's pretty cool.

So it's not a few rows of stalls on the roadside like a typical pasar malam, but it's like a funfair thing- it takes place in a huge field, and the stalls are surrounding the field, with the centre for people to sit and picnic.

Okay, I noticed that 50% of the people that went to the twilight market bought their dogs as well; so dogs were roaming everywhere! that's something you don't see everyday.
Did I mention? The dogs are mostly purebred type, poodles, retrievers, those glam dogs you see in movies. AHHHH!

And the food they sell is so different! Crepes, meat loaves, COTTON CANDY, easter chocolates, toffee apple, fritters- so I decided to have dinner in the market =p
There's a huge spot for people to sit on the ground and start eating, you know. It's pretty cool how you can just sit in the middle of the road and nobody cares. :D

Well, that's it for today, I'm planning to stay home the whole day today because it's so SUNNY today. The chances of getting skin cancer here is higher than in Malaysia due to the stupid "ozone layer depletion" case. We blame it on the U.S. - they pollute the air then the wind blew the ozone hole to right above Australia and New Zealand. LOL hahaha


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To those that doesn't know.. I'm in New Zealand! x)
When I first arrived here, I hated this place.

The largest mall is smaller than Jusco Cheras Selatan; the mall is 30 minutes walk away (which includes walking up a hill and crossing a few fields with cows) which crosses out walking to the mall in stilettos.
Yes, I'm proudly announcing that I CAN wear stilettos! Incredible, isn't it? :D

The next thing I hated about this place : Every morning, you wake up and you take a deep breath of the fresh air... my ass.
It smells like cow dung outside, mainly because there's GRASS everywhere; and NO- they're not real cow dung.

Besides that, this small town has absolutely nothing to offer- I can go to town, (that 30 minute walk away thing) or hang out around the place I stay which includes a vegetable shop, a DVD rental shop and a few takeout restaurants. Boring much? *scoff*

So since there's not much places to go to, I pretty much end up going to random places a few times a week. Places such as the beach, mini golf, the park, dinner in the city, on hilltops; visiting volcanoes- that kind of stuff.
SO that means I only meet with my sister's friends; and making new friends is tough.

But the thing I hated MOST about this place is the ridiculous time zone.! I'd be lucky to have 5 msn chat windows now :(
The 5 hour difference means that when I'm online, nobody else is.
...wel, not really nobody. Just the usual "somebody"s. you know.
I miss friends. I miss going out at night (did I mention? shops here close at 5pm IN THE CITY!)
I miss having fun with friends. I miss teasing the family. I miss shopping for shoes. I miss my computer (because this laptop sucks *DADDYYY*) ..and I miss going to my own church :(

I miss spending my MYR on fancy food and things I like- I miss spending MY OWN MONEY.
FYI- no, I'm not spending my own money here which means I cannot spoil myself. It's the most pathetic case I've ever been in. I miss going to the movies, I miss riding in my friend's cars, I miss my friends calling me at 12am just to talk, I miss smsing (although I dont sms often), I miss waking up with a smile because there's a message on my phone, I miss having a few people saying "HIIII" at the moment I'm online- instead of signing in and waiting for people to come online.

I sound like a desperate maniac, and trust me- I was exaggerating =x
I miss cracking jokes and cracking up too :(

But I'm starting to like this place, now that it's almost been 2 weeks I'm here.
Because.. Gossip Girl and Ugly Betty latest seasons already started playing here :D
Okay, it's a shallow reason: but I ALSO found out that New Zealand is a country that offers ALL TYPES OF ADVENTUROUS ACTIVITIES XD such as : bungee jumping, lurging, skydiving, canoeing in river rapids, DUCK FEEDING.. (hehe xD)
Besides that, the people here are really friendly- I'm so used to saying hi to strangers now ^^

My family likes it here too, so it can't be that bad, can it? Just trying to make the best out of this trip. I'm going to Rotorua in April <33><
Then I don't have to travel alone, you know.

Another question that has been haunting me lately : Lynn now that you have your SPM results, what's your next step? the heck would I know.
Everybody seems so *full speed ahead* towards their next goal in life, towards their future. I'm so glad I talked to Hema till 4am yesterday, talking to her makes me feel better. =)
She told me how many times she cried after she got her results- and I was so relieved I wasn't the only one.

Okayy it's almost 4pm now, and I wanna bathe becauseeee I'm going out!

Till then, (as if anybody reads this)

Hello, big blue web page with the cloud and sun thing (whatever)

It's been so long since I wrote in you.

FIRSTLY, I would like to announce that I quit my job.
Okay, I did NOT get fired so please do not ask me "Why were you fired again?"
....bacause I wasn't.


SECONDLY, I need to get a life.

Why am I here?
Oh, that's right.
I'm bored.
Boo hoo.

:D just doing some monthly maintenance on blog posts since its CNY soon =)

God, I miss you guys.

Everyone's busy doing something.



Okay, so far, my job?


But it's funny how certain people treat the staff- as if they're the smartest and the staff is some dumb dude paid to just stand there.
If you need help please consult the staff and not go ahead and pull every bloody shirt out just to say-
"oh, it's too small"

Consult the staff.

So yesterday there's this one guy that came to my department-
he was like, "So is seed men's shirt cutting slim fit?"
I was like, "huh?"
"what does work stand for?"
"well, workwear, of course."
"EH Y U SO CUTE 1. I meant what CUTTING lah"
y'know at that point he looked so gay I wanted to just piss him off.
"uhh.. square?"


but I didn't tell the square part larh, I wanted to though, 'cause I really didn't know our department sells slim fit workwear.
But that guy is so OLD. Why the heck would he wanna but a slim fit shirt?

I got over it- I kept laughing to myself after he left.
"square" pffftttt.


Okay, so I went to Pavillion yesterday to watch Avatar..

the movie; so-so lar~

Kidding xD

I watched it in 3D xDDD

So I was at Pavillion with my 2 sisters and cousin and cousin's girlfriend...
Strollng around hoping to find some hot guy shopping with his filthy rich mother;
when suddenly my cousin introduced his friend and says;
"hey this is my friend, his father owns and runs this place."

I was like, hardy har har this guy is so funny.

Then my cousin went;
"y'know, GSC Pavillion?"
Well, I had to give some kind of reaction didn't I.
So I went like, *oh, wow, awesome*

Then that dude just went "we have in-house tickets" and passed us a big bag of popcorn.
With a few bottles of water.

Imagine that! in-house 3D tickets with free popcorn!
And it's Avatar we're watching!!

And when we were chatting outside with that manager's son guy,
turns out that he is an ex-Perimbun student.
Like, that was unexpected. Seriously.

Anyway, I had fun- I'd rate that movie 9/10 because there were too many flies in the movie and I keep swatting at thin air because of the 3D effect.

My new ambition (which my sister thinks I already achieved) :

Guess what that means.

Some people are just so negative.
And it's getting on my bloody nerves.

Some people just won't stop nagging.
Yeah, my sister can't stop nagging.
At this rate, I think she's better than my grandmother.
It's too ridiculous.